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Hey guys I wanted to post a list of 20 or so chapters for my crossover Chaos Wars Genesis. This will include the title of the chapter and a brief synopsis on it. If you have any suggestions for names and plot lines, let me know in the comments down below. With that said, enjoy!

Chapter 1: First Contact Part 1

Marcus Andrews, A former member of the JTF2, has returned home to San Francisco after several years in the East; only to be greeted by a new invasion force. The Brotherhood has come to Earth, and the wrath of Shockwave is about to be unleashed. But even as Andrews joins the fight to save the cities' denizens, both he and the Brotherhood are greeted by a new, unseeable force.

Chapter 2: First Contact Part 2
Awakening in a detainment cell, Marcus Andrews is greeted by a man known as Ozpin, who offers him a place in the "Order", an alliance dedicated to protecting the Universe and its countless worlds from the forces of the Brotherhood. At the same time, Shockwave brings forth the captured renegade and brings him to the high council of the Brotherhood, where the master of shadows, Makuta Teridax learns of the renegade's identity. Magmatron.

Chapter 3: New Beginnings
Magmatron is sent on his first assignment to the forest moon of Pandora, where he seeks an energy source to tip the balance of the war in the Brotherhood's favour. Elsewhere Marcus is introduced to some of the Order's higher members, including Optimus Prime and Turaga Dume, and is sent on his first mission; head to Tokyo, and bring four stranded warriors back safely. Accompanied by Ruby Rose, her sister Yang, and Autobots Jazz and Optimus Prime, Andrews heads off for Tokyo to begin his mission.

Chapter 4: Spilt halves

Andrews and his squad arrive in Tokyo, where they are confronted by the four warriors; Tidus, Cloud Strife, Yuna and Sora. All four need to be saved but all four don't seem to want to cooperate. The team is force to split up and find them before the Brotherhood can take them. But there is a dark side to this mission, one that only the eyes can see.

Chapter 5: Taken

Optimus Prime vs. Cloud. Jazz, Yang and Sora vs. Tidus. The clash of the Final Fantasy comes to a head in the industrial district of Tokyo. Their only hope is for Marcus, Yuna and Ruby to get additional help, and stop the ensuing chaos, but an emissary of the shadow is hot on their trails, hoping to retrieve some valuable allies.

Chapter 6: Rumble in The Concrete Jungle 

As the heroes are chased down by the emissary, they find the goods the emissary desires: canisters of the FCN Virus stored up in the industrial sector of Tokyo. Right when the heroes think they're outnumbered, Hip Flask and his partner in training Vanity Case arrive to help them on the scene. When the virus gets buried, the fight is taken out back into the streets causing a rumble in the concrete jungle of Tokyo. 

Chapter 7: New Allies, New Enemies
After helping the Order back in Tokyo, Hip and Vanity are offered to help in the coming battle. Since this incident is now tied to the Intelligence Agency with the reamenants of MAPPO getting into the hands of the Brotherhood, Hip has no choice. Meanwhile, the brotherhood has gained some new members to its ranks.

Chapter 8: A Sweet Memory
The group returns from Tokyo with Hip Flask, Vanity, Yuna and Sora in tow, but the emissary managed to escape and provided the Brotherhood with Tidus, Cloud and the FCN Virus. Magmatron soon learns of the location of the Decepticon leader Megatron, who is currently leading a conquest of the world of Clow. His reasons are beyond secrets but even the tyrant of Cybertron isn't prepared for what comes next.

Chapter 9: 

Chapter 10: Twin Lightning 

Chapter 11: A Clockwerk Orange

Chapter 12: ???

Chapter 13:

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15:

Chapter 16:

Chapter 17:

Chapter 18:

Chapter 19:

Chapter 20:

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Hello Deviants. I'm the kind of person who is filled to the brim with ideas. Especially for crossover fanfiction. so if you want to judge my writing capabilities, go right ahead, I don't mind.

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